About copyright

All graphic stock in vostred are sold more than once, that is more than one person may acquire to use the same graphic, and will be available for more than one client to own. You may not copyright/trademark any of our graphic stock after purchase. All Graphic stock are under copyright protection of Vostred. By purchasing any of Graphic stock on our site, you accept that Vostred may sell the same Logo & Business Card stock again to different client. You are NOT ALLOWED to sell or resell the Design, Redistribute the Design (Even For Free).

What payment methods do we accept?

On Vostred currently you can pay with PayPal or with Credit Cards (which are processed by PayPal). This is a very safe way to do business online; PayPal is the world’s biggest payment processor. Depending on your region/country, you might need to create a PayPal account. Vostred doesn’t keep a record of your Credit Card information.


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